This summer I left for El Salvador for a few weeks and I was lucky enough to have my fiance accompany me for a week. I was excited to show him all the places I could and I had to try to cram it in five days.


We first visited the crater of the volcano in San Salvador, known as El Boqueron.

El Boqueron

It was a beautiful sight! You climb many, and I mean MANY, stone stairs to get there.


We went to Los Planes de Renderos (La Puerta del Diablo), translated as The Devil’s Doorway.

Los Planes

Now, climbing up those STEEP, STEEP stairs was worth it for this view.

If you were wondering about the name, according to stories,

La Puerta del Diablo used to be one whole rock formation, officially called Cerro el Chulo, until 1700s when during the San Dionisio rain storm, broke down to three which are now: Chulo, Chulito (smallest one right at the center) and Chula.

The name Puerta del Diablo (devil’s doorway) can be traced to numerous stories, but the most popular one refers to a man making a pact with the devil in order to receive the approval of the family of the girl he wanted to marry. Once the pact was made, a big roar was heard, which caused the Cerro el Chulo to break.

Interesting, right?

Los Planes

Close to Los Planes, we found another good view:



Next up were the Mayan Ruins of Tazumal. I had been there once before, however, the experience is always breathtaking! I always feel like I am staring at my ancestors past.

Tazumal Tazumal 2 Tazumal 3

Here is a ceiba tree at the site, I thought it looked beautiful.


Close to Tazumal is the city Santa Ana. We stopped by to see its beautiful cathedral.

Santa Ana CathedralCathedral


By Thursday we were at the beach relaxing.

Palm Tree


Last we visited the colonial town of Suchitoto, where my grandfather was from. This town is a favorite of mine because it lets me honor his memory. Also it is very rich in the arts. I did not take any pictures of the art this year :\ . However, I did get to take awesome pictures of the lake.

Suchitoto Lake

We found some skulls!


In the town, I got a glimpse of their own beautiful cathedral.

Suchitoto Cathedral

By the end of the week I was REALLY tired, but it was wonderful showing Leo my beautiful country.



Wedding Lessons and Crafts

Although I have been engaged for one beautiful year already, we have only just began to plan our wedding. Like most newly engaged women, I started making plans as soon as the ring was placed on my finger. I kid!  Well…OK I’m lying, I had already started my imaginary wedding on Pinterest like any girl would, but that’s beside the point. Those first few months I only saw through wedding colored glasses. You see:

“When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as quickly as possible.”

(When Harry Met Sally)

I could not and still cannot wait for my life with Leo to start. BUT, life is fickle and has its own plans. Money was an issue for us. It eventually eclipsed my one year goal of walking down the aisle.

At first I was upset, but I realized I was not taking the time to enjoy my engagement and relish in this new phase of my life. I was stressing myself over money and over the how’s, where’s, and when’s. My dad had asked me the night I was engaged, to remember to have fun and to not rush down the aisle. I just thought he was being a dad, but of course he was right in so many ways. The most important one of them all was it gave us time to plan the life we want after the wedding, after all it is a commitment worth waiting for.

So here I am, crafting out these dainty cards.



Maid of Honor Card

Bridesmaid Card

Ribbon, card stock, tape, and a printer is all I needed. I put them in vellum envelopes and sent them through the mail, because who doesn’t love mail (as long as they are not bills!) I cannot wait for the day my friends stand by my side on that day.


Love to Love

Love fuels everything I do. At least it is more apparent nowadays. It may be because I am planning a wedding with the jitters of an anxious bride. Or the constant, yet slightly more popular, traffic to my blog posts pertaining to my engagement story or the word soul mate.  It seems like people are not as jaded as I thought. They still love to love the idea of love.

Some of my own inspirations:

Love Hands



SoulMate Sticks



Viva Frida

Frida Kahlo has been one of my personal heroes. Not only because she is a female artist, but because she to me defines the epitome of a woman’s unbreakable spirit and courageous determination to live her life in her own terms. She was plagued by physical pain most of her life, her love life with Diego was a soap opera for the public, and her beauty and style were unconventional. Despite these “hardships”, Frida instead turned them into her strengths to fuel the creativity of her paintings and everyday life.

Que viva Frida!




Twenty Thirteen

I barely wrote last year. Looking back, it was a roller coaster with a big heart wrenching dip and two oh-so heavenly high and blissful events.

My year started with the passing of my uncle from his battle with cancer. It was one of the most difficult situations we have experienced as a family. The worst part of situations like these is that you feel helpless and cannot understand the pain and you are dumbfounded by their will to fight until the end. I could not fathom how days were to continue as normal and I could not begin to imagine how my aunt and her two sons felt. I felt guilty that I could escape to my house where the memories of him were less ingrained in every part of the house, like I knew theirs were. However little by little, like time always does, it lessened the pain of his passing, but of course not of his memory.

On April 14th 2013, my niece was born. I had spent hours and hours in a cold chair in the hospital room with my cousin waiting for her arrival. I was not prepared for what I was to experience in that room, but I am grateful to have seen the miracle of life happening before me and the incredible strength that women have in order to make sure their child is born safely. Aubrey was long, wrinkly, and most of all beautiful. I believe at that moment I fell in love with this little soul. I could not help to think that God was mysterious. He had taken away my uncle, but he had given us little Aubrey as a gift to light our dark days.


A few days went by and it was soon my birthday and believe me I was excited. I love to feel special and I LOVE presents! HA! Anyways a few weeks before I had sent my boyfriend a homemade Zombie survival kit. I did it all, wrapping “pills”, “food”, “vaccine shots”, etc. Of course they were an assortment of candies, food, drinks in my very own customized Zombie kit logo. My boyfriend of course loved it because DUH! I am an awesome girlfriend and he then promised to make a homemade gift too. So the week of my birthday I traveled to Norfolk for an event at Old Dominion University. It was to be a one day road trip and I was to leave back with my friend that same night and we would drive in to the wee hours keeping each other awake. However Leo (my boyfriend) lives in the area and he asked me to stay because he had the gift to give me (yes we are in a long distance relationship and it sucks). I related this to my friend and she quickly agreed and assured me that I should stay. I thought that was easier than expected, I thought I would see her pursed lips and some disappointed hesitation I would not be going back with her.

I did not get my gift that Thursday night nor the next day… Hmmmph!

I just shrugged and expected that I would receive it Saturday instead, since we had decided to move the celebrations until then. Saturday morning started like any other, we decided to stuff ourselves for breakfast! When I was leaving the house there was a medium sized box on the steps. I decided to ignore it. However Leo was like pick it up. I jokingly said I wouldn’t because a raccoon could be hidden inside. Leo insisted and mentioned it was my gift. I raised my eyebrow and shrugged and picked it up and started towards the car. He kept insisting for me to open it, but I was stubborn and I told him I would in the car. When we got in the car I expected for him to start it, but he would not budge. He said he would not start the car until I opened the present. Naturally I was going to argue, because that is what I do, but I saw that it was important to him and agreed.

I looked at it closely and it was a brown wicker box. I opened it and saw what I could describe as a garden with lights. It was beautiful because the tea lights changed several colors. Needless to say I was confused, but thanked him. He laughed and told me to dig underneath because there was more. Yes! I though to myself, this makes more sense. What I found was a very old edition of my favorite book, The Pawn of Prophecy. I had several worn-out paperback copies of this book, but this one was hardcover, looked brand new, and with thick pages. I started to hug him but he was like look inside. I though he referred to the pages and nodded but I kept opening the pages to appease him. BUT then I saw an opening the book was hallowed out and there was something that looked like leather-

And then my heart stopped.

I saw a ring hanging in the middle and I felt that my heart was going to stop and felt noise rushing to my ears. I think I tried asking if this was real, but I think a mangled cry came out because all of a sudden I was choking, literally choking on emotions. I felt like I could not breath from shock and happiness, and I began to cry. He was staring at me and I could see he was emotional too. I took out the ring and with his help began to put it on. It was all surreal, especially when I heard him asking those special words.

Of course I said yes.


After the waves of emotions has passed. I realized that behind the ring he had done some redacted poetry. Its words meant the most to me because they took on a new meaning, different than the ones I read and reread every year since I was twelve. They were now words of my love and of my engagement. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

I can only hope 2014 is better!



What was your bookpiphany? What book just hit you in the brain with such force, you could not deny that moment of revelation and insight, that revealed you would forever be a slave to the infinite lives you would live in, between the pages of books????

ME?  Well, I remember when I came to that realization. It was when I turned that last page of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I was only twelve and I had always felt an affinity towards books, but at that moment coloring books and cartoons were much more important.

I remember feeling like I was Jo March myself. I thought Meg was a goody-good (you would think it would be Beth), but something about how she was always so perfect, well almost, did not sit well with me. Don’t even let me get started on Amy. To this day, I cannot get over her going to Europe and marrying Teddy. Nope, I can’t and won’t like it. But I am a grown up, so I have moved on and accepted it, er, um, kinda.

This was the first time I cried over a character. I read and reread the chapter of Beth’s death. I think it was the first time I had actually come face to face with the idea of death. It may sound silly, but I felt so invested in the story at that young age of twelve and could not understand that someone who is so good of heart could die. Didn’t that count for something?

However I digress, as soon as I finished the book I turned it over and started it again right then and there. There was no going back for me, I read all of Louisa May Alcott’s books, moved on to Jane Austen, the Brontë sisters, Anne of Green Gables, and so much more.

It is not my favorite book in the world, but it was my bookpiphany.Little Women